Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Street - a satellite gallery of the Open House - is one of my ongoing projects to bring art out of the galleries and into the Street - making it accessible and viewable to everyone. Street recently made a paranormal pilgrimage to Roswell, New Mexico with a showing of "Alien Encounters".

While I was there I also planted the "Mission Roswell" letterbox - curious art in curious places....

Want to find it? here are the directions - Happy Hunting!

Follow the signs to the Roswell Gallery of Contemporary Art.
Turn left on N. Grand.
Take the first right into the Wool Bowl (football stadium) parking lot.
Park on the far right closest to the field/farthest from the road.
There is a dirt pathway that leads towards the train tracks off of the parking lot.
Follow the pathway to the third largest tree on your right.
There is a sewer pipe sticking out of the ground just before the third tree.
If you go around the pipe, it's easier to get to the trunk of the tree as there are many low lying branches.
Approach the trunk and look up. The letterbox has a pink lid and is located on top of the trunk inside of a ziplock bag.
There is a special first finder prize!

**Please take care when searching for letterboxes...do not let children go alone nor would I advise going there by yourself. If you do find it please let me know what condition it's in. Thanks!